Care Plan

Once your WordPress website goes live it's important to keep it up-to date to prevent security breaches and hack attacks

Protect your website

Your website is an asset to your business, it's important to keep it updated to prevent security breaches or potential hacks which could negatively impact your Google search rankings and SEO. To ensure smooth running apply updates to plugins and other website updates as they're released. Alternatively, we can do this for you.

What's Included


We'll update and maintain your WordPress website to ensure smooth running and security. Plugins and any other updates will be kept up to date.


Your website will be monitored and scanned for viruses and malware and if found we will notify you and attempt to remove them.


Full weekly backups of your website will be generated and stored off-site along with daily database backups which can be restored should you need to.


A monthly report showing updates and optimisations carried out will be emailed to you as well as a Google Analytics report showing website traffic.

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