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Animated Doodle Videos are an excellent way to increase engagement with your target market, in a fun and visually entertaining way


Doodle Videos are a type of animated video that can be used for marketing or training. There are several options including whiteboard, blackboard and even glassboard animation available. Doodle Videos are a unique form of animation, showing a hand drawing the images accompanied by music and a voiceover if desired.
Doodle Video


Using the power of cartoon animation, a doodle video can help you visually tell a story.
Using stories to engage your audience is a powerful method to showcase your product
 or service, visually illustrating the features and benefits
Hand-drawn animation is proven to engage longer viewing. As humans we are naturally
curious when watching words, sentences or scenes being drawn out, and we try to predict
the next word or sentence, thereby increasing engagement and retaining views of your video
By adding a call to action in your doodle video, you increase the opportunity to interact with
potential customers. Doodle videos keep customers on your site longer, increasing your 
chances of engagement


The first step is to produce a script. This can be done by you or we can have a professional copywriter produce this for you. The script needs to tell the entire story and include all of the points you want to get across.
Once the script has been approved and finalised, we'll produce a black and white storyboard of images for you to review and suggest any changes as necessary.
We will also include any logos, charts or custom images in the storyboard that you want in the finished video.
Having made any changes we'll then move onto producing a black and white video which will need music, a voice-over or both. If you want to supply these you can or we can supply a voice-over artist, music and sound-effects.
A draft full colour video will then be sent for approval. Any changes to colours or timings can be made at this point.
Once any final changes have been made the final video will be produced. If captions are required they can be added.


Whiteboard, blackboard, glassboard or custom backgrounds
Add music, sound effects or voiceovers
Include custom images or logos
Adjust timings of animations to suit the voice-over
Choose transitions between scenes to suit the look and feel
Use left or right-handed drawing animation or remove the hand completely

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