Leverage the power of online chat by increasing engagement and driving sales, using the power of automated and live chat on your website

What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot sits on your website ready to take questions and capture leads 24/7. By leveraging the power of 'Artificial Intelligence' chat technology you can reduce website drop-off and increase your leads and sales.
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What are the benefits?

Your ChatBot can be accompanied by a 3D avatar or you can just display a chat box. Through the use of green screen technology built into the ChatBot you can personalise the chat experience by using either an animated avatar or a real person
Using the cutting edge Text-to-Speech TTS engine built into the ChatBot you can have different languages and accents to read your scripts.
Have your own brand colours? No problem! The ChatBot can be customised to reflect your colour scheme
Our ChatBot will integrate with Zapier enabling you to connect to hundreds of apps. By connecting to MailChimp or other CMS you can automate the customer journey without having had any live interaction, saving time and increasing efficiency
Our newest feature is the ability to have both automated and live chat. If a chat agent is unavailable the automated chat will step in, making sure your customer queries are always answered


Answer your customers any time of the day or night
Convert your website into a smart sales machine
Automate your leads and sales process
Switch between automated and live chat as required
Drop your customers into a lead funnel automatically

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